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Excursión Ciudad y Alrededores

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Information Excursión Ciudad y Alrededores

Touring circuit picturesque old and new city, is noted for its architectural layout, the traditional groves, the conduction system of water canals, wide, clean sidewalks. Passing in the streets, we will make contact with history and culture of a people, who with great effort was transforming the desert into a thriving oasis.

Our tour begins in the foundational, historical site where in 1561 Don Pedro del Castillo founded the city, where space is now the Museum and Plaza Foundation and the Jesuit ruins, the remains of the city before the earthquake of 1861.

Following our visit we will cross the main square, which in its surroundings are home to the Cathedral, the Basilica of San Francisco, the former Mortgage Bank (now Ministry of Culture and Tourism), the Andean Trade and former Banco de Mendoza (now Contemporary Art Space ), the Plaza Independencia and Plaza Spain, the Civic Quarter to the Government House and the Enoteca.

Later our tour will continue along the Calle Emilio Civit prestigious residential area that leads to General San Martín Park, 370 hectares., The heart of the city. We entered through the famous gates, the horses of Marly, the Rose Garden and the lake to get to Cerro de la Gloria, where the San Martin Monument Gesta.

We then head to Challao, where is the shrine, which venerates the Virgin of Lourdes with spectacular views of the foothills of Mendoza

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