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Vendimia 2011

Information and Reservations

Information Vendimia 2011

Packages for 2011 Vintage


hotel in / out Price per room
Hotel Mendoza (3 *) in: 4-Mar
out: 8-Mar
Double Standard: - exhausted -
Superior Double - exhausted -
Includes: 4 nights accommodation, breakfast, taxes
Huentala Boutique Hotel (4 * sup) in: 4-Mar
out: 8-Mar
Double Standard: - exhausted -
Superior Double - exhausted -
Includes: 4 nights accommodation, breakfast, taxes
Premium Tower Suites (4 *) Nights available:
6 and 7 March
Dept. Double Standard: - exhausted -
Superior Double Dept: - exhausted -
Quadruple Dept: - exhausted -
Includes breakfast, taxes
Urbana Class Hotel (3 *) in: 1-Mar
out: 6-Mar
Double Standard: - exhausted -
Triple Standard: - exhausted -
Includes: 5 nights accommodation, breakfast, taxes
Urban Suites (3 *) in: 1-Mar
out: 6-Mar
Dept. Double Standard: - exhausted -
Includes: 5 nights accommodation, breakfast, taxes

Optional "Ticket + Transfer" (Do not sell tickets without accommodation):

  • Tempranillo Sector: - exhausted -
  • Chardonnay sectors: - exhausted -
  • Sector Malbec - exhausted -
  • Cabernet Sauvignon sectors: - exhausted -
  • Torrontes sectors: - exhausted -
  • Bondarda sectors: - exhausted -

Vintage Amphitheatre

rooms Vendimia 2011

Consultations for Vendimia 2011

La Fiesta Vendimia 2011

Fruit Blessing

Blessing of the Fruit HarvestThe traditional blessing of the fruits will be held at the Metropolitan Park South, Maipú, on Sunday 28 February.

This Blessing is a ceremony of great significance popular, in which Mendoza placed under the protection of the patron saint of the vineyards, the Virgen de la Carrodilla, the fruit of the earth and effort.

On this occasion, the celebration will depart from San Rafael, to the department of Maipú. On February 28, at 21, there will be the Blessing of the Fruit in the Metropolitan Park South in that department.

The celebration includes a procession of the Virgen de la Carrodilla for different locations, churches and estates department, bringing the revered image of the Virgin Mary to the faithful. On his journey is escorted by members of the Federation Gaucha Mendoza San Martín and has the logistical National Gendarmerie.

White Way and Carousel

Via Vintage WhiteThe White Way is one of the most popular of the National Grape Harvest Festival: calls about 300,000 spectators.

It is a parade of floats which takes place on Friday night before the main event and through the streets of the City department queens walking. Each county designs its chariot, which provides light and color give it they do look at night. To encourage creativity, the Mendoza government established an award that defines a specially formed jury.

In addition, involving the National Virreina Queen and outgoing, and other national and provincial sovereign invited.

Part of the Harvest since 1939, when the night of March 25, a day before the election of the Queen, was held on Parade Fantasy in the Avenida San Martin. Then, the queens paraded in their cars throwing streamers, while the public they compensated with confetti. It was very crowded and people could go in the morning I was working and could not attend the Carousel (conducted since 1936, when it became the first party).

In 1940, the night of April 21, the cars returned to parade departmental Avenida San Martín. That year he named "White Way" because the vehicles were illuminated with white light to distinguish them from Carnival and placed 40,000 "spark" in each block along the Avenue. The name is attributed to the poet, journalist and official of Tourism, Antonio Mosquera Suárez.

The CAROUSEL is coupled with the Via Blanca, the most popular chapter in the main events of the National Harvest Festival. This parade takes place Saturday morning of the Central Act and involved the departmental queens, queen and National Virreina outgoing, and invited national and provincial sovereign.

The distinctive feature is that traditionalists join Mendoza centers, community residents and descendants of foreigners in the province, murgueros and artists. In addition, local evokes the past with the passage of vehicles old and traditional elements to work in the fields and vineyards, and pack animals and shooting.

It has come to hold 300,000 people and extends 5 km, starting from the gates of General San Martin Park and along the streets and avenues of Ciudad ..

Its antecedent is the parade that was held the morning of April 18, 1936, as part of the first Harvest Festival. However, the queens floats joined department in 1937 and in 1938 joined the respective courts.

Central Act

Vintage Central ActParty Name: Songs of wine and freedom

The main event this year is called "Songs of Wine and freedom." The script is by renowned playwright Aristides Vargas directed by the choreographer Rúpolo Vilma.

Wine and freedom songs is a tribute to the Bicentennial, have 760 artists on stage and make a great use of the hills.

Was chosen for its wealth of literature, the originality of the subject, the strong heritage and aesthetic significance, telling the national emancipating the people as the protagonist, from poetic icons humanized.

The libretto, also praises the faith, innocence and play leading to a staging attractive and committed to the text message, which stands out as fundamental values of solidarity and struggle of the peoples. Meanwhile, the wine appears to be essential in the construction of culture.

They were also rated the strength of the management team, supported by its history and its fine creative sensibility, and design of stage sets and dynamic volume that combines proprietary technology of light boxes with technological advances, according to details the bug.

Another important element of the proposal and Rúpolo Vargas is the "attractive selection of music, which balances the popular, universal and folk, with the presence of live musicians and original pieces.

Since 1963 he performed in the Frank Romero Day Amphitheatre, located at the foot of Cerro de la Gloria, in the Parque General San Martín. This allowed use for the show not only the stage but also the hills, the light and fireworks display.

In addition, each year more than 10,000 spectators are located on the hill to see the party, added to the 20,000 who live on the steps of Greek Theatre.

Since 1948, the artist's main event was repeated the next day. In 2007, due to the demand for tickets, added an evening instead. At the end of the show, on both occasions, we present a musical number of national importance, usually aimed at young people and families.

Aristides Vargas: Author of libretto
Vilma Rúpolo: CEO
Enzo De Luca choreographic direction
Guillermo Troncoso, director of actors

Calendar Vendimia 2011

Blessing of the fruit: 
Date: Sunday February 28
Time: 21
Location: Metropolitan Park South, Maipú
Admission: Free

White Way of the Queens: 
Date: Friday, March 5
Time: From 22.
Location: Streets and avenues of the city of Mendoza.
Admission: Free.

Date: Saturday 6 March.
Time: From 10.
Location: From the General San Martín Park, along streets and avenues of the city of Mendoza.
Admission: Free.

Central Act
"Songs of Wine and freedom"
First night:
Saturday 6 March.
Time: 22.
Second night:
Sunday, March 7.
Third night:
Monday 8 March.
Time: 21.
Venue: Greek Theatre Frank Romero Day (Parque General San Martín)

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