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Termas de Cacheuta

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At just 29 kilometers from the city of Mendoza, Capital of the province, are the Cacheuta Spa. Integrated withPotrerillosandUspallata, A trio of tourist villas of unique beauty in the mountains of Mendoza. Surrounded by a stunning setting, the route that crosses the so-called High Mountain Circuit, follows the path Mendoza RiverFrom the fertile green valley surrounding the capital city to the border between Chile and Argentina in the Andes.

Cacheuta is a small oil town that keeps its natural heritage treasure of its hot springs. The cross the Rio Mendoza andBridgeof 318 meters connects the two parts of town. Is named after a heroic chief huarpe, star of tough battles in defense of its territory. In Cacheuta they built the first pipeline in South America of 34 kilometers. Its history is linked from the beginning to oil. In 1873, the tar from the streams was used to waterproof pottery. In 1973, he founded here Fader Carlos Mendoza Oil Company.

The arrival of the railroad in 1880 allowed him to communicate with the Pacific Buenos Aires to be a season of great importance as a link between Argentina and Chile in the transport of passengers and cargo. Much of this portion of history is preserved in the Railway Museum "Alexandria Alfonso"Located in what was the former - Blanco Encalada railway station, 23 kilometers from the city, on the Panamerican Highway.

Since building his first hotel spa Cacheuta early twentieth century, became a major tourist center. Still preserved in that building, the elevator tower, part of the currentHot Springs Hotel & Spa Cacheuta. This unique hotel is equipped with only 16 rooms, offering high level, game rooms, two spa pools, including Scottish shower baths, mud spa and whirlpool. Beside him, in a beautiful environment of 27 hectares, is a rusticChapelbeginning of the century and a grotto spa, one of the most visited by guests and travelers.

Today in exquisite natural surroundings is located an innovative Thermal Climate Complex, comprised of theHot Springs Park and Aventura Spa Cacheutawhich has three outdoor pools and three spa pools with healing properties and aesthetics. The water temperature varies between 35 º and 39 º C. The entire assembly which is attractive in itself, also has two vaporiums, a unique octagonal pool, water slide, waterfalls and a lazy river that surrounds the park.

Theadventure tourismis another major attraction Cacheuta. Chosen by those who seek serene addition to the break, the excitement and adventure tourism, this town foothills allows the practice of trekking, rappelling, river rafting in Mendoza and Canopy. The rides on the nearby slopes is one of the favorite activities of those who prefer Cacheuta correctly.

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